Hi! As of January 2023, this is my new home for writing on the internet. I wrote about why I decided to start writing here in my first post. Since then, I’ve been publishing updates about what I’m up to, people I love, music, and travel on a weekly basis.

Kind words

Maybe these people’s very kind, ultra-nice responses to posts will make you feel like joining the list?

“You truly have a wonderful way with words that I find very soothing. There is a nice rhythm to it but I guess that would make sense, wouldn’t it.” —HW

“You have a seemingly effortless knack for writing from the heart that I so admire.” —MB

“The way you write is extraordinary. What a gift you have.” —SF

“I honestly do believe this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen you write and honestly, one of the more moving pieces I have ever read about the importance of music in our lives; and for that matter, a damn fine peace about faith as well.” —KN

And here are the top posts.

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I play drums.